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he·ro's jour·ney /a ˈhirō's ˈjərnē/


  • A hero is defined by admirable traits like courage and nobility that manifest in selfless pursuits. In literature, The hero of our story faces a series of arduous trials that test their resolve, determination, and character. With every imposing challenge, they manage to overcome through perseverance and inner fortitude. Along their path, they glean profound, enlightening truths about themselves and the world around them. As the protagonist conquers what sought to conquer them, they emerge wiser for the wear - battle-scarred but illuminated by hard-won wisdom that will serve them on the winding road ahead. Where they once saw only barriers, they now spy signposts dotting the landscape, guiding their journey toward purpose.

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The Tobin Scott Foundation's, A Hero's Journey, cultivates the creative expression of children coping with critical illness or grief by offering compassionate writing guidance and community.

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Are you ready to start your hero's journey?


TSF's, A Hero's Journey, is a 100% donor-funded, creative writing program for children and teens.

Our team cultivates the creative expression of children coping with critical illness or grief by offering compassionate writing guidance and community.

We provide young writers with an empowering forum to process adversity through storytelling. Our thoughtful printing and publishing programs shine a comp
assionate light on their creativity and resilience for the world to witness. In exploring their experiences through writing, difficult emotions can be healed, purpose can be found in suffering, and hope revived.


With supportive, weekly writing mentorships, we enable young writers profoundly affected by life-limiting illness or grief to craft their narratives in story, amplifying messages that resonate with others experiencing hardship—spreading resilience, comfort, and purpose during the most difficult times.


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The Tobin Scott Foundation uplifts critically ill and grieving youth through storytelling. Founded by author Melissa Savage to honor her late son Tobin, this non-profit helps children and teenagers aged 5-18 who are facing life-limiting illness or grief to write their own books. By publishing and distributing these young authors' works globally, TSF amplifies voices that are often unheard. The Toby Crew is carrying on Tobin's legacy of love by bringing comfort and meaning to kids navigating profound loss. 

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Storybook Writing

Novel Writing

Legacy Writing

More to Come

Storybook Printing (Ages 5-11): Our Storybook Printing Program includes a welcome kit for the student upon start. The students will meet weekly for up to 12 weeks with an award-winning author to write and illustrate their own hardcover book. This program includes guidance on incorporating the student's original illustrations into their printed book. At the end of the 12 weeks, the student will receive printed copies of their published hardcover book to share. To celebrate their accomplishment, they will also receive an author kit and an invitation to officially launch their book at our annual Young Author Celebration and book launch event. We center the well-being of emerging authors, surrounding them with an uplifting community and guidance to bolster their creative expression and empower young writers on their healing journey.

Novel Publishing (Ages 12-18): Our novel publishing program starts by welcoming each student with a specialized kit to launch their writing journey. Upon starting the program, the student will meet weekly with an author mentor for up to 24 weeks to draft, edit, and ultimately self-publish a paperback novel. The program also includes a professionally designed cover and an ISBN identification. Finally, we celebrate the student's accomplishment with an author kit and invitation to our annual Young Author Virtual Book Launch. With thoughtful guidance and celebration along the way, the program is designed to support, validate, and share in the healing experience with the young writer.

Legacy Program (Ages 5-18): Our legacy program is specially tailored for pediatric patients who may be at end-of-life and would like to share their voice and their journey. This program is meant to support siblings (ages 5-18) and families, as well as the palliative care departments with legacy work. Our mission is to serve our families on their path of hope and healing. And while this program is not therapy and does not take the place of traditional mental health services, our creative vision is based on research-based healing tenets of Psychologist J. William Worden and his Four Tasks of Mourning:

Task I: To accept the reality of the loss.

Task II: To process the pain of grief.

Task III: To adjust to a world without the deceased.

Tase IV:  To find an enduring connection with the deceased while embarking on a new life.

More to Come:

The TSF mission is to serve families

dealing with life altering pediatric

illness or loss.





We deeply appreciate the commitment of our distinguished authors who support our mission and guide grieving and critically ill children to share their stories. By compassionately imparting their literary skills to young writers who are struggling with complex medical conditions or loss, these acclaimed story crafters empower voices that uplift and endure through the Tobin Scott Foundation’s affirming printing and publishing initiatives.

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Jessica - Chandler, Arizona

"I am so grateful to A Hero’s Journey program for the impact they have made in our lives. I hope this program grows and is able to help more families just like ours.”
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We wish to express our deepest gratitude for all who support the Tobin Scott Mission as we serve our families to share their stories of courage and strength.


Or you can mail your donation to either of our offices:

TSF is excited to announce we now have two locations. Arizona and Minnesota!

Our Phoenix location:

Tobin Scott Foundation

c/o Caritas Law Group, PC

2307 South Rural Road

Tempe, Arizona 85282

Our Minnesota Location:

Tobin Scott Foundation

7972 Victoria Drive

# 183

Victoria, Minnesota 55386

Thank you for being a part of our mission to serve our families!

Tobin Scott Foundation is a federally recognized 501(c)3tax-exempt nonprofit organization.  As such, donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 


The Federal EIN of the Tobin Scott Foundation is 92-2808092.

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