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how your hero's journey works.

Our Novel Publishing Program is the perfect solution for anyone looking to share their story of hope and healing. Whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, we’ll work together to bring your vision to life. With our professional authors and illustrator to support you throughout the entire process, you can be sure that your book will be a masterpiece that captivates readers and inspires them with the narrative you feel inspired to share.


Step One.

You will have an introductory meeting with our team to learn all about the program details and how we can provide personalized support for your writer's needs. It will be an opportunity to get answers to any of your questions. Based on our discussion, we have the perfect author mentor in mind who can guide your child on this writing journey at a pace and schedule that fits your lifestyle.

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Step Two.

Your young writer will receive a welcome box to start. Inside it, they'll discover a Hero's Journey t-shirt along with a special gift. Both aimed to aid in bringing their fictional or nonfictional narrative alive through the written word and to honor them for their bravery on this journey.


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Step Three.

To empower your young writer in sharing their personal hero’s journey, we pair them with their an encouraging author mentor. During private sessions, this writing mentor draws out their natural gift for storytelling. Each weekly one-hour meeting focuses on a safe space of self-expression in which to share the details of their narrative. As an actively engaged listener, the mentor offers empathy, patience and inspiration as they traverse the journey together.


Step Four.

You will receive guidance from a dedicated writing team who will provide editing and layout services for the manuscript prior to publication. Before going to print, you will have the opportunity to review the completed manuscript layout and approve the final version.

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Step Five.

Additionally, a professional illustrator will consult directly with you and your young writer to bring their creative cover art ideas to fruition. This custom artwork will also be shared with your family for signing off before publication.

Once all final touches are made, their very own book will be officially published under the Young Inkling's Imprint, receiving an ISBN identification to showcase this achievement as a one-of-a-kind, self -published author. Their book will then become available for purchase on Amazon.


Step Six.

Your young writer will receive a celebration box honoring their accomplishment and preparing them for the next steps. The box will also contain 10 finished copies of the child's self-published book. As all authors are asked to do when their book is launched into the world, your young writer will be invited to read a passage aloud to our audience of family and friends during our virtual Young Author's Celebration CeremonyThis event will provide them the validation and platform to share their own hero's journey

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