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about Tobin.

We lost our son, Tobin, in 2012.  It was a difficult journey. I was grateful to have so much support as we navigated that path, however, finding peace alluded me. I did all the things I was supposed to do without relief from a sadness I had not felt before.  But it was through story that I finally found purpose in the pain.  Purpose in a life that was lost. Purpose in connection with others who must also endure the same painful path.  Story brought me the peace that I was searching for.  Whether it’s through the safety of a fictional character or a straightforward memoir, sharing our narrative is who we are and how we heal.  It leads us to understand our own emotions and gifts us with a safe place to express them.  A purpose beyond the pain.  Through Tobin Scott Foundation, we are committed to lifting up other families and supporting them to share their own journey of strength and healing in his name.  

All through the power of story. 


I chose the name Tobin because it means "the gift".  And he is.  He taught me many things in his short life. He taught me about courage. He taught me about grace. But most of all Tobin taught be about loving with my whole heart.  He changed me. For me. the world is different now, because I am his mom.  I continue to share my son’s name whenever I can. It’s in every book I’ve written. Hearing his name in the universe fills me. He is a part of all I do, and I am so honored to share him again as we serve others on their own healing journey all through Tobin’s legacy of Courage, Grace, and most of all, Love


Melissa D. Savage, Founder and CEO

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