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how your hero's journey works.

Our Storybook Program invites children to author and illustrate their own short stories about finding hope. Kids can let their imaginations run free with fiction tales or write from real life experiences. Whatever they choose, this program gives young writers a supportive space to share their unique journey and perspective through their own printed storybook.


Step One.

You will have an introductory meeting with our team to learn all about the program details and how we can provide personalized support for your child’s needs. It will be an opportunity to get answers to any of your questions. Based on our discussion, we have the perfect author mentor in mind who can guide your child on this writing journey at a pace and schedule that fits your lifestyle.


Step Two.

Your young writer will receive a welcome box to start. Inside it, they'll discover a Hero's Journey t-shirt along with paper and markers specially selected to aid in bringing their imaginative tales alive through both words and illustrations. Additionally, there is a special gift in each box to honor the child for their bravery on this journey.

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Step Three.

To share their own hero's journey, your young writer will receive supportive one-on-one guidance focused on nurturing their innate storytelling abilities. Each weekly, one-hour session will allow them to develop and refine their skills, as their mentor offers wisdom and tips for bringing their story to life

Paperbag Takeaway

Step Four.

Once your young author has finished crafting their imaginative tale, the next step is sending their final story masterpiece off to us. Simply ship us their final manuscript and allow us to handle the printing process from there. You will be contacted once the printing process is complete.

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Step Five.

Your young writer will receive a celebration box honoring their accomplishment and preparing them for the virtual Young Author Celebration Ceremony. The box also contains 10 finished copies of the child's printed book.

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Step Six.

As all authors are asked to do when their book is launched into the world, your young writer will be invited to read a passage aloud to our audience of family and friends during our virtual Young Author's Celebration CeremonyThis event will provide them the validation and platform to share their own hero's journey

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