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Caring Child
Caring Child

Our Mission.

Tobin Scott Foundation elevates the voices of children by providing supportive, creative writing mentorships for patients and their siblings who have experienced or are experiencing life limiting pediatric illness or loss.  

Our Vision.

We support pediatric patients to share their narrative allowing for healing to take place following difficult and traumatic medical experiences.

Assisting the siblings of the patient to share

their experiences through story as they

master new ways of coping and self expression.  

Support young patients at the end of life to share their legacies through story.

Core Values.

At Tobin Scott Foundation, we strive for HEALING.

H - HEART. We have heart in all we do to serve families on this journey.

E - ELEVATE.  Through transformative mentorships we support young writers to elevate their voices and authentically share their experiences.

A -  ACCEPTANCE.  We accept and validate everyone's experience to allow for a supportive and collaborative experience for the writer and the family.

L - LISTEN.  We strive to hold space for our writers and authentically listen, bearing witness to their experiences.

I - INTEGRITY.  We are committed to serving families with humility and integrity so that each family has a transformative experience.

N - NURTURE.  We care deeply for the families we are privileged to support. 

G - GRATITUDE.  We express our appreciation for all that we have and all that we are fortunate to do in our world.  We make a conscious effort to learn                                    from others and serve where we are needed.

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